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JPII – The Thoughts of the Saint



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This unique Irish book is written by a collection of Catholic writers based in Ireland. The publication contains a tapestry of topics & themes covering Pope JPII’s philosophical & spiritual insights. This book is Ireland’s contribution to the Pope who came to visit the Emerald Isle back in 1979, touching the hearts of many Irish Catholics to this day. JPII’s influence lives on in the hearts & minds of many active young Catholics. They have taken these words in their actions, “do no be afraid”. This book will be launched on the day of the pontiff’s canonization, April 27th 2014. The book will be available at all good book stores and online from that date on-wards.

Céli Dé Collective Easter hymns

Get your Irish Easter hymns CD and listen to some moving songs on the passion & resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


This album reached 6th place in the Irish Album charts, and topped the Irish Indie charts on Wednesday April 16th 2014. See the Irish Recorded Music Association for details.

This unique collection of Irish Easter tunes will enhance your paschal holiday experience with gentle, strong and sometimes powerful melodies. To add to the experience, you will get to hear the native Irish tongue, and a translation card to carry you through the songs. This Irish Easter hymns CD is a great gift for any Christian seeking solace in Our Lord.

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NB* If you purchase song no. 6 above on i-tunes (under €1), all proceeds go to an Irish Catholic youth summer camp based in Knockadoon, East Cork.