Pilgrim Paths Day

Pilgrim Paths Day, April 04, 2015


St Finbars Way

Pilgrimage has been defined as “a meaningful journey to a place of spiritual significance” and the practice is almost as old as recorded history. In Ireland the pilgrim journey has strong historic resonance with early Christian scholars coming to Clonmacnoise; medieval penitents journeying to Lough Derg, Holycross and Glendalough, while others sought heightened spirituality by visiting Skellig Michael or climbing Croagh Patrick.

Despite this long pilgrim tradition and strong national reputation for spirituality, there was until relatively recently little footfall on Ireland’s ancient penitential paths with the country not regarded as an important destination for spirituality motivated travel. In this context, Ireland’s first National Pilgrim Paths Day, was aimed at raising awareness of the country’s network of pilgrim routes and providing a more general appreciation of Ireland’s medieval Christian heritage.

Easter Saturday, April 19th 2014 was designated National Pilgrim Paths Day. The event proved a huge success with almost 1,800 participants taking part at 11 pilgrim path locations across Ireland. Following upon this success, Ireland’s second annual National Pilgrim Paths Day has been designated for Easter Saturday, April 4th 2015, with a nationwide series of walks planned along all of this country’s major medieval, penitential walkways.

For further details: www.pilgrimpath.ie/pilgrim-paths-day


Pilgrims Paths, Ireland

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