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Introduction to Philosophy

May 29th-June 4th 2016

This week-long summer school is an introduction to Christian philosophy, touching on the likes of Plato, Aristotle and the great Church philosophers such as Augustine and Aquinas. No previous knowledge of philosophy is required.

Course costs €320 and is limited to 15 persons.


Course in Catholic Social Teaching

June 12th-18th 2016

This week-long summer school, is a study of the three regions of common life that Catholic social teaching addresses: civil society, political society and economic society.

At its core, Catholic Social Teaching holds that the human person is the end and purpose of every social organization. Civil society thus centres on the dignity of the human person and the family. Political society refers specifically to the state and the government of a society, which exist to serve civil society. Finally, economic society refers to organization of human economic life.

Course costs €320 and is limited to 15 persons